Kikuo Kawasaki (Director)

After completing his assignment as the editor of gGAMEh, the multi-screen U.S. entry to 1967 Montreal EXPO, Mr. Kawasaki established himself as a TV commercial director in New York.
Also, from 1974 through 1979, he has directed numerous Japanese commercials and garnered many top awards including prestigious Tokyo art directors association in 1975.

  My Road (1980)
  Long Run (1982)
  Claire (1986)
  Lured Innocence (1997)
  David and Kamal (2010)
  My Road (1979)
  Long Run (1981)
  Private Passion (1986)
  The Trail of Seventh Coin (1990)
  Closed Oening (1992)
  Bay City Sting (1994)
  Lured Innocence (1997)
  David &Kamal (1999)