Kamal (Abdalla El Akal) is a nine-year old Arab boy who lives in Jerusalem with his grandfather, mother, and sisters. His family is poor, and so everyday he goes to the Old City and tries to sell postcards: “3 for $1!” His attempts are thwarted by bullies, and he is constantly discouraged by his strict grandfather, making him extremely desperate for money.
David (Yoni Rosenzweig) is a nine- year old Jewish boy who lives in America with his divorced mother. He is in Jerusalem to visit his father, whom he hasn’t seen in years. They have a difficult time understanding each other; David is hurt that his father is too busy with work to spend time with him, and his father doesn’t understand why David is so shy and obsessed with his coin collection.
One day, in the Old City David is spotted and subsequently followed by Kamal, who thinks that he is carrying a large amount of money. Kamal steals David’s pouch, resulting in a chase in which Kamal escapes. David is brokenhearted, lost, and alone and runs into the same bullies that have been targeting Kamal. Ironically, Kamal rescues him, and another chase begins.
Rooftop chases, secret passageways, and police cars and soldiers bring action to David and Kamal’s adventure of a lifetime. Together, they must learn the true meanings of friendship, trust, and sacrifice in order to conquer whatever awaits them around the next corner.